R-Kid and Me

In the peace and quiet of Anglesey, Summer 2012

My name is Chrissy, and I’m a freelance writer and a SAHM.
I moved from Dallas to London in 2006 and so much in my life has changed. When I arrived, I had left behind family and friends in Texas, a great job as a technical writer, and all the creature comforts of American life to follow my heart (ie. long distance boyfriend). Life as an expat has been such a journey – frustrating at times, but well worth it for all that I’ve learned along the way. And I can’t really complain about living in one of the most beautiful cities on earth.
In 2007, the boyfriend and I flew back to the US and tied the knot in Las Vegas. It was a simple ceremony, but loads of fun, and the perfect start to our life together. We settled in Southeast London where we’re surrounded by so many great friends, and got ourselves a Siberian cat, Eva. We were able to travel around a bit, build up a little bit of a nest, and then things got even more exciting.
In 2009, we welcomed our son, R., into the world. It was difficult at times raising a child in a foreign country without the help of family nearby, but we’ve managed to keep him alive for four whole years so I think we must be doing something right! In 2012, R. was diagnosed with autism. It was hard to process the news at first, but thanks to early intervention we’ve all grown leaps and bounds together.  R. is an incredible little boy, the absolute apple of my eye, and I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful child.
This year we are expecting our second (and final!) child in November 2013. It’s been a really tough pregnancy so far, thanks to the complication of Hyperemesis Gravidarum, but I’m staying positive that it will get better. There’s not a great deal of awareness about HG, but I’m learning all that I can. My GP and midwife have been great help so far, as has my husband.
As I’m a Stay At Home Mom, we’re on a super tight budget (who isn’t these days?), so I’m constantly keeping an eye out for great bargains or creative ways of budgeting so that we don’t have to compromise our quality of life.
I’ve blogged off/on over the years, but I’ve started again to connect with other mothers  who are out to find ways of cutting costs, to share our experiences with having an autistic child, to give some insight on what it’s like to be an American living abroad, and just share the joys of family life.
If you have any questions for me, please feel free to email me at ccomley@yahoo.com.
Hastings Pirate Day 2012

Our family at Hastings Pirate Day 2012


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