Since we last talked

After a long absence from the world of blogging, I’m back.

Lots of changes since the last update. One, we no longer live in charming Nunhead. We moved a grueling mile or so west to the heights of Denmark Hill (the nicer part of Camberwell) back in November. The husband can walk from our front door to his office in less than five minutes. R’s new school is literally around the corner, which will be nice when he starts Reception in September (in the UK, kids start at age 4 instead of 5 like they do in the USA). And most useful of the local amenities is King’s College Hospital, which is just across from G’s office. When we moved in, I joked that it would have been useful to have that on our doorstep back when I was pregnant with Rhys. I must have jinxed myself because here I am, pregnant again. At least there won’t be any parking issues this time around – much of the spill over hospital parking is actually on our street. Oh, and I no longer have a car, like I did when Rhys was born. But back to the point: I’m glad it’s within waddling distance from the front door.

Aside from being super close to work/school/hospital, we’ve got a cracking view of the London skyline from our bedroom. Camberwell has an amazing array of restaurants, so one of my favourite hobbies for the past few months has been trying out as many of them as possible. At the end of our street, we can choose from Spanish tapas, Lebanese, Turkish, Vietnamese, Greek, Scandinavian, Chinese, and a place that does pretty spot-on Chipotle-sized burritos at lunchtime for a fiver. Basically, I’m kind of in a perfect spot.