The End is Nigh

Holidays are for the birds. Or, at least the birds who can afford to go out and do exotic far off things that people do over their holidays. For those of us on very limited incomes and a child with special needs, Holidays are Hellidays.

Thankfully, the school gates were open today and I popped in to see what was going on. They were all dusting and getting things ready for term to begin TOMORROW. That’s right. THREE WHOLE HOURS TO MYSELF FIVE DAYS PER WEEK!!!

The six teachers are all dear and I adore them to pieces, but they were all taken aback about how, well, how do I put this diplomatically? Bad I look. I look bad. I look shattered. I look worn out. And there I was, thinking earlier how much better I had been looking since throwing on a little extra slap in the morning. But nope, Cover Up does not cover up exhaustion and stress.

Am thinking the afternoon is going to involve a nap, folding clothes, house-hunting (looks like next-door has fallen through), and generally trying not to overthink things.

Oh, please buy some AVON from me. Have campaigns 14 and 15 and frankly, I want one of everything. End of sales pitch.